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Intake Procedures

Welcome to Mary Bethune Alternative School

“A School of New Beginnings where we succeed together!”


  • Call Ms.Carter and schedule an appointment at (601)584-6311.
  • Complete the enrollment package
  • Policies, procedures, expectations, and goals MUST be reviewed by administrator/ staff personnel


  • No cell phones allowed on campus.
  • No book bags allowed on campus.
  • No hoodies are worn in the classrooms.
    • Students may wear a jacket without a hood provided it zips/ buttons up and down.
    • Sweaters must be solid gold, solid navy blue, solid white, or solid gold.
  • No cargo pant, no joggers, or skinny jeans
  • No flip flops or house shoes and sandals must have a strap on the back.
  • While a student attends MBAC he/she may not attend any activity (games, plays, extracurricular activities, etc.) on any Hattiesburg Public School campus.
    • Ten additional days will be added to the student’s stay at MBAC.