MBAC Teachers, YOU ROCK! You have adjusted in so many ways and that has made a difficult situation better.  Instead of complaining, you cheered, instead of giving up you persevered, and instead of stressing you sharpened your saw.  You started this school year with the end in mind -- promoting learning, sustaining positive relationships/behaviors, building a community of proactive school leaders while providing an environment conducive for learning.  We celebrate your dedication during a time of various challenges.  Your contributions to the success of our students do not go unnoticed.  We hope our efforts exemplify how we appreciate you not just this week but every day you enter the frontline at MBAC.

A special thanks to the following:

  • Hattiesburg Association of Educators and Kimberly Roberts for the breakfast.
  •  Team Griffin -- Mr. & Mrs. Toney and Catherine Griffin for providing the great BBQ spread.
  • The Education Committee of the NAACP for providing Newk’s Lunchboxes, the punch bowl cake, and banana pudding
  • The Forrest County Retired Education Personnel of Mississippi (Pine Belt Area) for providing McAlister’s Deli Lunchboxes
  • Forrest Roberts of Corner Market for providing the soul food dinner
  • Trinity Episcopal Church for providing Newk’s Lunchboxes
  • Jerome Brown and The First Bank for providing Fairley Wings
  • Coca Cola for the beverages

A special thank you to Ms. Angela White Carter, our event planner.