Lunch & Learn with The Judge!

     She is a licensed Mississippi attorney, a Mississippi Bar Commissioner, a sworn judge, an author, a motivational speaker, a radio show host, a video blogger, a singer, a songwriter, and a mother.  Judge Gay Polk-Payton took time out of her busy schedule to come and share life nuggets with the students at Mary Bethune during the "Lunch and Learn" session.  Judge Polk-Payton shared her journey and how she overcame the many challenges she faced in life.  Judge Polk-Payton said, "You are young and you have time. As long as you are breathing you can change things.  You have to be willing to put the work and time in."  Judge Polk-Payton was very transparent and honest with the students. She told the students the difference between discipline/correction with love and discipline/correction without love.  "Your teachers and parent will discipline and correct you with love, but the MDC will just discipline you.  Accept the correction with LOVE."