Photo Album

Ms. Caren Steward
Ms. Thompson & Mr. Jordan
Dr. Veronica Jordan
Black History Review
Robots & Snowballs
Robots 7 Snowball
Hon. Judge Russell & Dr. Young
Black History Guess
Pastor Chris & Pastor Bob
Dr. Jordan, Judge Payton, Dr. Young
Black History Band
Ms. Ferlisha Thompson
Black History Invitation
Black History
Clarence Magee, Community Leader
H. Salaem with Dr. Young
H. Salaem
Angie Carter, Adm. Asst
Hab. 1 Be Pro Active
Hab. 2 Begin with the end in mind
Hab. 3 Put 1st things 1st
Hab. 4 Think Win-Win
Hab. 5 Seek to Understand than to be understood
Hab. 6 Synergize
Hab. 7 Sharpen the Saw
H. Salaem and friends
Ms. Denise Smalley
Ms. Tess Rose